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General Rules

1. All the users of the Library must enter through the Entry Point, and leave through the Exit Point at the Security Check Point, unless otherwise directed by staff of the Library.

2. Bags, attaché/brief cases, raincoats, umbrellas and other carriers, are not allowed into the Library. They should be handed over to the janitors at the Security Check Point for safe-keeping in a cabinet and collected back when leaving the Library.

3. Eating, drinking and smoking are forbidden within the Library.

4. Cell phones should be on vibrate or silent mode at all times.

5. The use of naked light (e.g. candles) is not allowed in the Library.

6. Silence should be maintained in the Library, and any other behavior likely to disturb or inconvenience other readers should be avoided.

7. Books consulted should not be returned to the shelves. They should be left on the tables. Much trouble and delay are caused in re-shelving books that have been placed incorrectly on the shelves.

8. Marking, mutilation and misappropriation of library materials are serious offences and severe disciplinary action will be taken against offenders.

9. Readers must submit any book(s) and material(s) they are carrying while leaving the library for scrutiny at the Security Check Point.

10. All Library materials and equipment must be treated with care. Any damage must be reported at once. The Librarian may require a reader to pay for the cost of repair to any damaged property.

11. No book may be taken out of the Library unless it has been properly charged at the Circulation Desk.

12. Public Lavatories are alongside the entrance of the Old Library, and on the Landing of each floor in the new Library.Block.

13. Cameras cannot be used within the Library premises without the permission of the University Librarian

14. Please do not leave or use personal belongings to book a seat. Staff members may remove belongings after 10 minutes.

15. The following rules apply when using a computer: Students should not:

  •   download or install any program
  •   play computer games
  •   download view or send content of sexual nature or offensive images
  •   under no circumstances should any user unplug any cable from the setup
  •   all laptop users must use the KNUSTWifi and not the network cables connected to the library's workstations
  •   exceed time limits during peak hours

16. Right of admission is reserved. Clients not adhering to the rules may be asked to leave or be removed from the Library.