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Inter Library Loans/ Document Delivery (ILL/DD)

Documents not available in the University Library may be obtained through the Inter-Library Loans (ILL) Service.

The Inter-Library Loans service is available to full members of the library, i.e. members registered with the Library, Faculty, other Staff and Postgraduate students in need of research materials. Six requests at a time are permitted. Undergraduate students wishing to use the service must obtain written authorization from their lecturers beforehand. Such requests should be made to the Student Support Librarian who will notify the reader upon receipt of the required document, via his/her campus contact address.


Users will be required to pay for the service. If the requested document is a journal article, obtained from sources outside Ghana, the requestor will pay for the cost of photocopying submitted by the source library.

Part of the cost of photocopies obtained from the British Library Document Supply Center (BLDSC) will be borne by the department whose member of staff made the request. Such request is to be approved by the Head of Department.

How to Apply

ILL request forms are available at the Student Support Department. These forms should be completed with every detail, including the source of the reference, e.g. a bibliography or recommendation from a Lecturer.

Waiting Times

This can vary between a few days to about a month in exceptional cases when the document is difficult to obtain or is sent from overseas. Photocopies of journal articles obtained from overseas under the IFLA/DANIDA ILL/DD Project are usually obtained within days.